Here are so many definitions for leadership but here are some of my point of views on the leadership that

 “The individual has some abilities to attract some persons and after that, they arrest in his command” is called leadership.

“Leader can move to the persons and got his goals by his level of leadership ability”.

“Leader can involve the persons in his mind theme and put them to a way of his interest for the getting results for his good or bad aims”.

“Individuals who guide to the persons for their betterment in large then those group of persons follows to that individual and the number of followers are increasing in huge, at last, that individual called as Leader”.

“The principal player to leads of a community, group or country with the combination of her best skills and personality is named as Leader”.

“A person to complete the goals with her influences on others and directs the organization, community or country in a way on their objectives”.

“The person leads to a community, group, organization or country that makes others follow his or her directions is called Leader”.


In the next articles, we discuss the type of leadership prospectively in the field of Arts, Media, Educational Academia, Business, and Politics training to achieve a high level of better future by the younger students.

If you are A Leader then you are the winner in the relevant field of your interest and the category of your winning level is based on the leadership skills you have, so take a golden jump to build up yourself as a leader in your interested field for your better-shined future.

When you become a successful leader then the ways of your dreams will be open and you have a strong grip on your targets and you can easily jump over the destination, it is the voice and hopes of the next generation, a lot of new types of jobs for the young leaders are in waitings.

saeed rana


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