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Chinese Scholarship Zhejiang Gongshang University for International Students

Bachelor, Master and Ph.D degree programs

2020 Application Requirements for Zhejiang Gongshang University Scholarship for International Students.

Zhejiang Gongshang University Scholarship for International Students

Types of


Qualified applicants Amount(RMB yuan)
Enrolled Degree Student The degree students who are already enrolled, have outstanding academic performance  First Prize: 70% of Tuition fees
 Second Prize: 50% of Tuition fees
 Third Prize: 30% of Tuition fees
New Degree Student The degree students who are newly enrolled  First Prize: 100% of Tuition fees
 Second Prize: 70% of Tuition fees
 Third Prize: 40% of Tuition fees
New Chinese Language Student Newly enrolled Chinese Language Students  First Prize: 4,000
 Second Prize: 3,000
 Third Prize: 2,000
Enrolled in Chinese Language Student Scores for all classes above or at least 90,attendance rate was above 90% in the last semester,active in all kinds of activities. Scholarship for Outstanding Student: 3000
Diligent in studies, Scores for all classes above or at least 85,attendance rate was above 95% in last semester. Scholarship of Diligent Study: 2000
Active in the cultural and sports activities organized by the University, city or provincial level organizers; bearing good moral quality, enthusiastic in social public welfare; active in the students association; other prize winners Scholarship of Arts and Sports Activities and Social Service: 1500
The students who have passed HSK 4 or above(level 5 or 6); Assessment based on higher scores and levels, no repeats for the winner. Scholarship for HSK Front-runner: 1000


Qualifications for Application

1. Applicants must be of foreign nationality and in good physical condition;

2. For undergraduate programs, applicants should be graduated from high school; For Master programs, applicants must have a bachelor degree; For Ph.D. programs, applicants must have a master degree;

3. Applicants should have outstanding academic performance;

4. The enrolled students’ attendance rate should be 80% or above and have paid all tuition fees and accommodation fees for the past study duration.

5. Applicants should behave well both on and out of campus, and have no records of violating laws and regulations of China and host university;

6. Applicants may not be beneficiaries of any other scholarships at the time of application.

Note: For degree students, the scholarship application will be assessed once a year;

For language students, the scholarship application will be assessed once a semester.

Application for Scholarship

Application Duration:

Autumn Semester: From March 1st to May 31st

Language student enrolled in the spring semester: From October 1st to December 31st

Application Procedure:

1. Log in Zhejiang Gongshang University Online Application System to complete online program application, Google Browser is recommended

2. Find the “Scholarship Application” section

3. Fill in the information accurately and upload documents as instructed one by one

4. Save and Submit (Information cannot be modified after submission)

5. Wait for review (The result will be informed by email)

Note: This Application Procedure is only available for the new students. Enrolled students can consult the major school about the scholarship application.

Contact Information

Address: Room 517, College of International Education, Zhejiang Gongshang University

No.18, Xuezheng Str. Xiasha High Education Zone, Hangzhou, 310018 China

Tel: +86-571-28008687, +86-571-28008677, +86-571-28008685, +86-571-28008686

E-mail: [email protected]

Visit the Official Website of Chinese Scholarship Zhejiang Gongshang University for International Students


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