2020-2021 Scholarships

Fulbright scholarships program

Scholarships count

Total Scholarships = 150

Host Country

The Host country of the scholars the United States


Masters and Ph.D.


Courses are Available at all Accredited Universities of America.


Most Universities in America


The benefits of the granted scholarships are Tuition fee, Test books, Living expenses, Airfare, Stipend for living expenses, Health insurance


15 May.

United States Government invited to the students from all over the world belonging to about 155 nations for the full bright scholarships. It is a great initiative having fully funded by the USAID.

Host Country of Fulbright Scholarship.

The United States of America is the host country of Fulbright scholarship

Host institutions of Fulbright Scholarship

All accredited universities and institutions of the US are the host institutions of Fulbright scholarship.

Benefits of Fulbright Scholarships.

All the expenses for the Fulbright scholars are covered under the grants of US state specifically

Tuition fee, Textbooks, Stipend for living expenses, Health insurance, Airfare, and all other study materials included.

Eligibility Criteria of Fulbright Scholarship.

  • Students having a strong academic background except for clinical medicine can apply for this program.
  • Students who have been selected under this scholarship are expected to exhibit leadership qualities and their behaviors as a representative of both the communities.
  • Pakistani applicants who apply for the first time are only eligible for this program.

Needed Documents for Fulbright Scholarship.

  • An attested grading system official transcript used by the university is required. The degree of the Pakistani student attested by the HEC Pakistan.
  • Gre test score report (138 in verbal and 136 in quantitative assessment) is required.
  • Proof of English proficiency is required by the candidate.
  • The specific application form of this program is required.
  • Three reference letters are required.

Application Procedure of Fulbright Scholarship.

  • Preferable source for the applicants is to be submitting their requests for the full bright scholarship at the desk of United States embassies.
  • All the applications will be accepted by February and results are announced after processing in Mid-October.

Nationality required:

Students from about 155 countries are invited to this program.


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