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Fully Funded Korea National University of Arts Scholarship 2021

Study in Korea - International Students

The objective of the Art Major Asian plus(AMA+) Scholarship Program is to support students with artistic talents from developing countries for their conducting advanced studies and ability at Korea National University of Arts in order to promote international exchanges in education and mutual friendship among the countries.

Benefits of Korea National University of Arts Scholarship 2021

Airfare The grantees will receive an airplane ticket between their country and Korea economy class, for entrance and graduation
Monthly Allowance 800,000won(KRW) per month
Korean Language Training 4-month intensive language training before entrance-full coverage
Tuitions Full coverage(regular semesters only)
Medical Insurance Limited coverage

Eligible Countries (142 countries) for Korea National University of Arts Scholarship 2021

Albania Cook  Islands Jamaica Myanmar (Burma) St.Vincent & Grenadines
Afghanistan Costa Rica Jordan Namibia Sudan
Algeria Côte d’Ivoire Kazakhstan Nauru Suriname
Angola Cuba Kenya Nepal Swaziland
Antigua & Barbuda Djibouti Kiribati Nicaragua Syria
Argentina Dominica Kosovo Niger Tajikistan
Armenia Dominican Republic Kyrgyz Rep. Nigeria Tanzania
Azerbaijan Ecuador Laos Niue Thailand
Bangladesh Egypt Lebanon Pakistan Timor Leste
Belarus El Salvador Lesotho Palau Togo
Belize Equatorial Guinea Liberia Palestinian Tokelau
Benin Eritrea Libya Panama Tonga
Bhutan Ethiopia Macedonia Papua New Guinea Tunisia
Bolivia Fiji Madagascar Paraguay Turkey
Bosnia-Herzegovina Gabon Malawi Peru Turkmenistan
Botswana Gambia Malaysia Philippines Tuvalu
Brazil Georgia Maldives Rep. of South Sudan Uganda
Burkina Faso Ghana Mali Rwanda Ukraine
Burundi Grenada Marshall Islands Samoa Uzbekistan
Cambodia Guatemala Mauritania Sao Tome & Principe Vanuatu
Cameroon Guinea Mauritius Senegal Venezuela
Cape Verde Guinea-Bissau Mexico Serbia Viet Nam
Central African Rep. Guyana Micronesia, Fed. Sts. Sierra Leone Wallis & Futuna
Chad Haiti Moldova Solomon Islands Yemen
China Honduras Mongolia Somalia Zambia
Colombia India Montenegro South Africa Zimbabwe
Comoros Indonesia Montserrat Sri Lanka
Congo, Dem. Rep. Iran Morocco St.Helena
Congo, Rep. Iraq Mozambique St.Lucia

Eligibility of Korea National University of Arts Scholarship 2021

  • Only those who hold a citizenship of the 142 countries (page 3) can apply
  • Have graduated or be scheduled to hold a high school/university degree by 28th Feb 2020.
    • Applicants who apply for the master’s program must hold a Bachelor’s degree or a diploma that is equivalent to or higher than a Bachelor’s degree.
    • Applicants who are expecting to graduate by 28th Feb 2020 must submit a certificate of expectant graduation when apply, and submit the official certificate of graduation (degree or diploma) to Karts no later than 28th Feb 2020.
  • Have adequate health, both physically and mentally.
  • Have no limitations in traveling abroad.
  • Have outstanding artistic talents, gifted skills, and an excellent academic record.
  • Applicants should submit at least 3 recommendation letters. One recommended by the government, ministries, and diplomatic organizations, rector of the public educational institution and/or head of government-approved organizations could receive additional admission points.
  • Applicants should enter to Korea by November 2019 and take Korean language training.

    * Applicants who hold TOPIK level 6 and prove reasonable schedule could be exempted by an agreement with AMA manager.

  • Note
    • Dual applications are not accepted. Applicants must apply for this scholarship via only one program (undergraduate/graduate) and department-major.
    • Submitted documents will not be returned to the applicants.

    If there is any inconsistency in the applicant’s name or birth date on submitted documents, further evidential documents to verify it should be attached.

  • Original documents should be submitted. However, if they are not available, copies must be authenticated by the issuing institution that they are the same with the originals.
    • All of the materials should be A4 sized ones; if smaller, attach the material to an additional A4 sized paper; if bigger, fold it up to be an A4 sized one.
    • Documents shall be written in Korean or English. Documents written in other languages should be submitted along with the notarized translation.
    • Korean proficiency (TOPIK score) shall be submitted within the period of validity.
    • Any transcripts and certificates of (expected) graduation issued must have the apostille certificate attached or undergo the consular legalization process.
  • (Degree certificate and transcript certificate should be attached with the apostille. See Apostille
    • All recommendation letters shall include a personal contact and an original signature of references.
    • Airfare for entry into Korea will not be provided to a grantee that has been staying in Korea as of the date of the announcement of successful candidates.
    • K-Arts does not compensate expenses for insurance for traveling to and from Korea.
    • A grantee who is taking degree courses in other schools should terminate his/her statue as a student before the entrance to Korea.
    • All grantee shall take language training before his/her entrance to K-Arts, and one who cannot reach to 85% attendance record shall be eliminated and shall refund expenses.
    • Incomplete or incorrect documents may lead to application rejection or failure in the Selection Committee, and scholarship revocation even after entry into Korea.
    • The medical fee for the grantee is to be reimbursed through the insurance company after s/he pays first. However, the expense for dental clinic or chronic disease will not be covered.
    • All AMA students are required to maintain strict legal and regulatory compliance for the government of Korea, K-Arts regulation and AMA regulation.

    Any grantee who quits the program after s/he entering Korea should refund all scholarship; airfare for coming into Korea; monthly stipend and Korean language training expenses, etc.

Documents Required for Korea National University of Arts Scholarship 2021

  • Application [Form 1]
  • Self-Introduction [Form 2]
  • Study Plan [Form 3]
  • Personal Medical Assessment [Form 4]
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation [Form 5]

References signed within 6 months as of the date of submission only are available.

  • Copy of diploma or certificate of (expected) graduation with Apostille.
  • Official Transcripts(the most recently attended from high school)
  • A Hard Copy of Passport
  • Certificate of Korean or English Proficiency

Certificates of relevant work experiences, award and/or other achievements (Optional)

Portfolio (leave your name on each page or portfolio in case of missing)


∙ Please type or print clearly using black ink in Korean or in English.

∙ Please state a date in the following order: YYYY.MM.DD

∙ Please remove the instructions and the directions in the blank before print.

∙ Don’t change anything in the form and extend the pages.

Office for Document Submission of Korea National University of Arts Scholarship 2021


∙ Address : Attn. AMA Manager

M505, Office of External Affairs 146-37, 32gil, Hwarang-ro,


Seoul, 02789, Republic of Korea

∙ Office Hours : 9:00-17:00(Mon-Fri)
∙ E-mail : glob[email protected]

* All inquiries on AMA admission shall be made to this email above only.

* Please add [AMA 2020] on the title when making an inquiry. Otherwise, we cannot read and answer you due to the excessive amount of spam in our mailbox.

∙ Telephone : +82-2-746-9073

Deadline of Korea National University of Arts Scholarship 2021


Date Classification
February – May 2020 Open call for submission
31st May 2020 Application Deadline
July 2020 Final Notification of Admissions Decision
31st October 2020 Entry into Korea
November 2020-February 2021 Pre-Course: Korean Language Training
February 2021 Matriculation Ceremony


* Application only by postal or in person should be submitted.

Visit the Official Website of Korea National University of Arts Scholarship 2021

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