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Fully Funded Scholarship: EPSRC DTP and Salts Healthcare PhD at Swansea: Materials Science

  • Degree: PhD
  • Worth: Full cost of UK/EU tuition fees, plus a stipend
  • Closing Date: April 30, 2020
  • Materials Science: Fully Funded EPSRC DTP and Scholarship: Salts Healthcare Ph.D. Development of Green Low Surface and Energy Materials for Superhydrophobic (Waterproof) Coatings.
  • The announced scholarship is provided/funded by the EPSRC Doctoral Training Partnership and Salts Healthcare.
  • Subject areas: Subject boundaries of the program is Colloid and Interface Science, and Materials Science
  • Project description:
    novel fluorine-free superhydrophobic (water-repelling) surfaces, made from readily available non-toxic and economical branched low surface energy materials (LSEMs) are the project aims to develop. important advantages relate to the existing LSEMs, including environmental acceptance, biodegradability, and are lesser to mass produce compared with current superhydrophobic materials which are typically made and using fluorocarbons. Significant environmental risks on Fluorinated compounds have owing to bio-persistence and bio-accumulation, it is also extremely costly. Low surface energy surfaces of applications are varying from protective or anti-adhesion coatings and also anti-fouling to environmental and biomedical applications. The researches will focus on diverse areas from basic science to applications that rely on LSEMs.
  • The Project of DTP is co-sponsored by an industrially and therefore offers the students an exciting opportunity to work-friendly with industry.

Project supervisors:

 Dr Shirin Alexander and Prof Andrew Barron are the supervisors of the project.

Available resources/facilities:
The prospective scholars will be part of the Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI). The new 3,800 m2 ESRI building represents to Swansea University’s which invests £38million into energy on the new Bay Campus. It will be focused on the development, safety issues surrounding, expansion of existing energy processes, and also keep eye on safe deployment and integration of new technologies on ‘green’ energy. All of the laboratory facilities are world-leading class, having the BREEM Outstanding building that will surely enable us to win the goals of the research project. The entire Fume hoods which suitable for handling sensitive compounds will also be available for the project. In addition, all of the safety equipment, gas handlings are Within ESRI and the Bay and Singleton Campuses are availably insisting the followings,

IR spectroscopy,  surface densitometry, UV-visible spectroscopy, thermogravimetric Raman spectroscopy, mass spectroscopy (MS), analysis (TGA), atomic absorption (AA) analysis, gas analyzers, total organic content (TOC) measurement, and 1H NMR spectroscopy. Moreover, A full microscopy center is also available at the Bay Campus (TEM and SEM/EDX), while ESRI has its own SEM facility in the bay. Necessary suitable office space is available for the departments like a computer and IT support.

The Scholars will step in a multi-disciplinary group in ESRI and thus will have facilitates, significant peer, academic and administrative support.

This is a scholarship by Swansea University

Swansea is a coastal city and county and officially known as the City and County of Swansea in Wales.

Eligibility of the Scholarship

  • Candidates should hold a first or upper second class honors degree in chemistry, engineering, mathematics, or physics or a Master’s degree in a subject area related to the project. (or it’s equivalent)
  • Having all types of Experience of conducting experimental laboratory work and/or surface/nanoparticle fictionalization, characterization and coating techniques are strongly desirable.
  • It is announced that we would normally expect the academic and English Language requirements for details on the head of University’s English Language entry requirements, please visit our website.
  • This scholarship is open to UK/EU candidates only Due to funding restrictions,

Benefits of the Scholarship

  • This scholarship is fully funded and covers the full cost of UK/EU tuition fees and an annual stipend of £20,000.
  • For research expenses there will also be additional funds are available.

Application for the Scholarship

Please visit our website for more information.



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