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Harbour.Space @ UTCC / Announces Scholarships / University of the Future Master / €6,000 100% & tuition fee Fri Dec 20 2019

Harbour.Space University and UTCC are collaborating to offer graduate students from anywhere in the world a once in a lifetime opportunity: fully funded scholarships for progressive Master’s Programmes in the heart of the fastest growing city in Thailand.

The winners of the scholarships will receive the following:

● Complete coverage of the tuition fee 22,900€

● 3 hours of study a day

● 4 hours of internship a day

● Living allowance of 6,000€


Harbour.Space and UTCC agreed earlier this year to join forces to create new​ ​interdisciplinary educational programs for the first time in Asia. These first scholarships for this new school are in the fields of Data Science, Interaction Design, Digital Marketing, High-Tech Entrepreneurship, FinTech and Cyber Security.

We’re looking for the people who are going to change the world – if you’re interested in technology, entrepreneurship, or design, and believe you have what it takes, we want to hear from you!


The University will bring ​leading global professionals in technology, entrepreneu​rship and design industries to develop talented ​students​. ​These cutting-edge professional teachers, 90% of which come from outside of Thailand, will provide instruction designed for the needs of fast-changing industries.

The new institution aims to prepare students for jobs of the future by having these leading professionals teach in an immersive course structure, composed of three week modules and a personalized schedule, where students can choose courses outside their main discipline. This model ensures deeper exploration of topics and better knowledge retention.

At Harbour.Space @ UTCC, a well-prepared student will exemplify three essential traits:

  • Mastery of their chosen profession
  • Ability to continuously renew their knowledge and build complex networks
  • Compassionate application of knowledge to enrich the lives and happiness of others in society.
  • Step 1: Submit your application through our website.

Step 2: Choose the most suitable payment option and pay the application fee in the amount of 125€

Step 3: We will review your CV and our team will contact you within 10 days after the form submission. If your CV is accepted, you’re invited for an interview!

For the application go to our website.

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