Scholarships 2021-2022

National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan International Scholarships 2021 for Undergraduate, MS and Ph.D Students

International Degree Students (Spring 2021), Taiwan

NCTU International Scholarships are available to outstanding degree-seeking international students with excellent academic and research records. Selected students may be awarded a monthly stipend.

Scholarship Benefits of National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

  • Undergraduate students: up to NT$12,000 (US$400) per month.
  • Master’s students: up to NT$16,000 (US$533) per month.
  • Doctoral students: up to NT$24,000 (US$800) per month.

Important Dates for International Applicants

Semester Application Period Admissions List
Courses Begin
Spring August 10- September 30 Mid-November Mid-February

Eligibility of National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan International Scholarships 2021

Please refer to the Ministry of Education’s Regulation Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan: (English version) (Chinese version)

Refer to Article II of the Ministry of Education’s Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan in conjunction with Article II of the Nationality Act:

Those who fail to meet the above application qualifications shall have their admission eligibility, student status, or graduation diploma canceled or suspended. Those found in violation of the above regulations shall not be issued any relevant academic document.

Application Procedure of Taiwan International Scholarships 2021

  • Applicants should verify if they are eligible to apply as international degree students.
  • Verify whether the department/program being applied to is open to international students. Applicants may apply to a maximum of 2 departments. Note that the order of admission shall be based on the order of selection in the application.
  • Complete the application form online and upload all required documents to the application system.
  • Verify whether additional information must be submitted to the department of application.
  • Prepare all documents required in the application and ensure that the application form is signed.
  • Upload to the National Chiao Tung University International Degree Student Application System before the application deadline. Applications submitted after the deadline or submitted with incomplete documents shall not be accepted.


  1. Those selecting more than 1 department should list the department in the order that they wish to be admitted. If admitted to more than one department, the University shall release the admission result according to the order listed in the application.
  2. Regardless of whether the applicant has been admitted or not, all application documents shall not be returned.
  3. Applicants shall bear responsibility for their application. Failure to submit all required documents by the application deadline shall affect their admission qualification review.
  4. Obtaining the University’s admission permit does not guarantee a visa to Taiwan. The visa must be issued by the Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bureau Consular Affairs or foreign embassy in the country.

Required Documents for Taiwan International Scholarships 2021

  • Application form
    Complete the application form online.
  • Study plan (in Chinese or English)
  • Official graduation certificate
    Graduating students are required to submit a proof of pending graduation issued by their school. Students with a certificate of pending graduation or provisional certificate must obtain a statement from their school indicating when the official graduation certificate would be issued. Students must obtain the official certificate before courses begin for the applied semester.
  • Transcripts (including a description of grading, GPA, and class ranking)
    If you have attended more than one institution, separate official transcripts should be submitted by each institution.
    1. Undergraduate application: High school (or above) graduation certificate and transcript;
    Master’s program application: Bachelor degree (or above) graduation certificate photocopy and transcript;
    Doctoral program application: Master’s degree (or above) graduation certificate photocopy and transcript.
    2. If the school is unable to issue a Chinese or English version of the certificate and transcript, please submit an additional Chinese or English translation.
    3. Accepted applicants must have their graduation certificate and transcript and respective translations notarized by the Taiwan Embassy or Taiwan Representative Office in the country where their school is located. If there is no Taiwan Embassy or Taiwan Representative Office in the country, contact the Taiwan Embassy or Taiwan Representative Office in the nearest country: CuItem=1342&mp=1
  • Two letters of recommendation
    Recommendation letters must be written by at least two different persons, generally a teacher, advisor, or employer. Refer to the template provided by this Office or have the recommenders write the recommendation through the online application system.
  • Proof of nationality
    – Passport
    -Those without a passport should submit one proof of nationality.
  • Taiwan alien residence certificate (ARC), if any
  • Confidential financial statement (not required during the application, but must be
    submitted during registration at the University).

Admitted students shall submit any of the following proofs of financial resources during the registration at the University:
Proof of scholarship issuance (the proof of scholarship issuance must be issued by the Taiwan government or other governments, and excludes proof of National Chiao Tung University scholarships).
An official bank statement: For non-scholarship students, attach proof of bank deposit of US$6,000 (NT$200, 000) or more issued within three months of enrollment. If the deposit is not in the student’s personal account, the financial sponsor must sign a letter of a declaration stating the relationship between the two parties and promising to bear all the expenses of the student’s study in Taiwan. Download the template for the letter of declaration.

  • Proof of English proficiency:
    TOEFL PBT 500 / CBT 173 / iBT 73 or above.
    IELTS 5.5 or above.
  • Documents required by other departments

(1) Please refer to the websites of the respective departments.
(2) Applicants for doctoral programs must upload their master’s thesis. Graduating master’s students who are applying for doctoral programs must upload an outline of their master’s thesis.

Duration of Program

  • Bachelor’s programs: 4-6 years
  • Master’s programs: 1-4 years
  • Doctoral programs: 2-7 years


1. For international students’ admissions:
Office of International Affairs, National Chiao Tung University
2. National Chiao Tung University
3. Office of Academic Affairs, National Chiao Tung University
4. Ministry of Education
5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
6. Bureau of Consular Affairs
7. National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior

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