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Study able tourism Kalash valleys Chitral Pakistan

If you are interested in study based tourism for the Kalash people they have a unique culture and religion around the World then you please to arrange your tour for Kalash valleys, Chitral District, Province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Kalash people have their own religious, language and way of life so we can say that the Kalash valleys are the cultural museum in Pakistan.

Three Kalash valleys are here surrounded by the range of mountains the Hindu Kush in Chitral District in northern Pakistan. White skin, golden-brown hairs blue eyes are the identity of Kalash people. People of these valleys have a unique culture and language and follow a type of Hinduism religious. So the Kalash Valleys cover a big source of attraction for local and international tourists.

Kalash valleys

Here are three Kalash valleys Bumburet, Rumbur, and Birir away of 3.5 hours Jeep able drive travel from Chitral city.


Ayun is a Junction village to connect the Kallash valleys Bumburet, Birir and Rumbur valleys, it is 12 km south of the Chitral City, It is located on the Chitral River at its confluence with the   Bumburet River. Mountains are surrounding the Ayun village.

Bumburet Valley – Rumbur Valley and Birir Valley of Kalash, Chitral, Pakistan.


Tourists can visit these kalash valleys by the all of three sources of transportation like by air, by self vehicle and by the public transport.

1-Bumburet valley is the most populous, largest, biggest one and main Kalash valley. It is a way of 3.5 hours dirt, rocky jeep able to travel from Chitral city. When you reached here you can see the interesting things of the valley like beautiful Running River, lush green fields, fruits, and alpine trees on one side and the other side of high mountains. Kalash people are very open welcoming for the tourists due to some of both sides’ interests. There is a historical temple, old grave yard, community hall, bishali and worth seeing typical Kalash homes. PTDC motel one of the hotels is there where you can stay overnight.

2 – Rumbur valley is a side valley in the north of Bumburet valley has minimum tourists having peaceful environment in the heart of Hindukush mountains is also a way from 3.5 hours traveling from Chitral City.

3 – Birir valley is a side valley in south of Bumburet valley is also away of 3.5 hours traveling from Chitral City.  This valley also having another flowing river.  Valley has also a number of hotels and Guesthouses. A Rest of CNW having a lush green lawn is here at the bank of the river. This village covers up a special status due to its Kalash traditional cultural practices and or friendly environment.

Local Approach of Bamburet and Birir Valleys

 There is a Natural Hiking Track for the local persons and tourists also in between of Bumburet and Birir Valley. You can go to the Birir valley from Bumburet valley through this little difficult hiking track; it will take a time of 4 hours for tourists and 2 hours for local persons.

Level Track from Birir Valley to Gehret Stop

Tourists here at Birir Valley who are using Public transport can take a chance to visit on foot from Birir valley to Gehret Stop at the Main Road of Luwari tunnel to Chitral City, you can go on public transport from here to anywhere.

Cultural Living and Habits


The Kalash women wear long black loose robes, colorful beads, necklaces, cowries’ shells embroideries along with colorful long braided headwear that further distinguishes them from the other women of the world.


Male and female of Kalash,s can keep their contact of interest and both are allowed to communicate freely, people of Kalash have no objection over this. The Kalash people enjoy marriage status more than once in life. There are no boundaries for Kalash women to choose the Loving man for marriage so they select their life partner freely both wise and marry in a happy ceremony called chillum josh occurred once in every year. When A Kalash man and a Kalash woman are married then the man pays a certain amount to the woman’s family that can be in shape of cattle, goats, and sheep as a Marriage gift.

Married Women are allowed to leave her current husband and can marry another man of interest that will pay the double amount to her current husband.


The Kalash people use rice bread, goat/sheep milk, butter, and dry fruits also they use the wine of Grapes and Mulberry processed locally. They cannot use the chicken but eat the eggs of chicken freely.


The building or a Big room named “Bishali” is there in all of three valleys where the Kalash women,s living here in her special 5 to 7 days in a month or 40 days during childbirth period reason is that the Kalash people considered the women’s as unclean in these days.

Grave Yard

The graveyard of Kalash people is as open on the ground; they put their dead bodies in a wooden box and placed under a big tree near the valley. They are feeling happy when if any person died in the family They arrange a goat meat dish called sureed  for the gathering of death ceremony, they sing happy songs around the dead body full night. This is a very unique method of death ceremony in the world.


A major festival of Kalash people is Joshi, Known as chilim josht, it is a spring festival for four days. Kalash people arranged the various types of milk deserts and local processed wine for the entertainment of the participants. Kalash people welcome to the spring season with playing dance. At this festival the single persons choose their life partners on the final day of this festival.

Visit Opinion

It would be very easy to arrive here at these valleys and find a room to stay here and it is best for you to make a limit of stay here for a minimum of two nights one at Bumburet valley and one at Birir Valley.


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