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Thank An Officer Scholarship 2020 (HS)

  • Course
  • Amount of $1,500 (one prize of $1,000 and second $500)
  • 2nd March 2020

Scholarship website;

About Scholarship

Thank an Officer announce very proudly offers scholarships to the candidature students who are deserving.

 We have gifted over $35,000 to the students who pursue their dreams since the inception of our dreamed scholarship system.   We have been capable to captures the stories and share accept from their applications here on our website. You can be read moreover about our previous great winners on our blog However we have the four scholarships directly Operation by Thank an Officer also we sponsor an additional scholarship called the State Trooper Joshua Orbeck Memorial Scholarship.   

  Eligibility of the scholarship

The persons eligible for this program of scholarship are currently a level of high-school seniors who have a quality of parent presently serving in law enforcement, any person who is retired law enforcement official, or any of law enforcement official who has passed away.

Benefits of the scholarship

An amount of $1,500 (one prize of $1,000 and second $500)

Application of the scholarship

 Independent judges of Thank an Officer Judge each application and inspect the scores according to scoring guidelines. Criteria used for scoring: independently judges follow in the boundary Academic Achievement, Extracurricular and volunteer activities, and Quality of Essay.

Each application of the scholarship requires an essay. Our recommendations in this subject that you review the essay requirement guide and complete the relevant portion of the application before you starting the online application process.

All applications of this scholarship are due by March 1, 2020, and Winners will be announced in May of 2020.

If you facing any problem/issues while completing out your application then please contact us.

You can Fill out and submit an application located on our website.

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