Scholarships 2021-2022


A new type of tourism named by us is scholarship tourism. Win a scholarship program in any overseas university or organization and can enjoy study and tourism both in the same scholarship duration.

This type of tourism starts from the doorstep and it continues up till you will return back home.


After winning a scholarship program the process starts with tourism also.

initially domestic traveling and visits to various offices start now the start-up of tourism began which based on the scholarship program.

After leaving home door for the visits of variant offices like passport office, Embassy office, local Police station, Medical Hospital, photocopy shops, offices of the attestation agents, post office or courier booth, shopping Malls and Markets etc for the arrangements of departure to approach the destination, in all of these process the transportation in shape of taxi, bus / coach. tran, motorbike etc be used and the enjoyment in this traveling is there as tourism.


Then visits the various offices public is there in their different dresses and styles having variety of different human moods, you are looking, facing, and sharing their attitudes, behaviours and interactions, if you bear all of these things with your jolly mood happily then we say it is your tourism which is produced by your scholarship program.

This type of tourism has a very vast field but it depends on your beautiful tourist-based inner interest of feelings.


Most roads lead to Airports having beautiful greens and full of the unique quality structural environment due to its importance, so when a scholarship winner starts his traveling and takes away to Airport he enjoys traveling and tourism by the beautiful scenic environment surrounding the roads.

Drop entry of the Airport, it is well managed and disciplined, good looking vast area for the parking of a so many variety of cars, its departure arrival Lobby, boarding procedure, lounge and its international level of environment, and until upload your self to plan from your home country you can enjoy the pieces of tourism which sourced by the program of scholarship.

Now scholarship winner to start the Air travel from his home country to the destination of the country wherefrom scholarship winners and enjoy the Air travel tourism ultimately.

Some times Scholarship winner takes the transit stey for some hours or days over any other country beyond his home country due to the Air routes selected by your interest and you can enjoy the tourism over there which is the new one. After enjoyed your tourism your journey again starts and finally, you landed over your destination, After that, you will go to your University or Organisation where from the scholarship winns by you and it is the time to start your Study program.


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