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University of Göttingen – DAAD-EPOS Scholarship 2021-2022 | Masters in Development Economics

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DAAD EPOS Scholarship 2021-2022 | Overview

Please follow the provided links for all information regarding application and admission to the MSc Development Economics through DAAD EPOS scholarship.
Please note that as an EPOS scholarship holder you can only start the programme in the winter term (October) of each year and applications are only possible from October 1st through November 15th of the previous year.
Please note the change in the application procedure for the October 1st to November 15th, 2020 application period: applications will now have to be submitted completely digitally

Due to the corona pandemic, the application process for the coming winter semester 2021/22 will be completely digital. You are obliged to submit original documents subsequently if requested. You will find all instructions on the digital application under the “Application instructions” section.

Am I eligible for the DAAD-EPOS Scholarship 2021?

In order to be eligible for the EPOS scholarship, please note the following eligibility criteria:
You need to fulfill all the general programme requirements for the MSc Development Economics as outlined here.
Furthermore, successful EPOS applicants need to have a verifiable professional experience of at least two years in an occupation that is, in broad terms, relevant to the field of development or agricultural economics. Please note that this professional experience should not include part-time jobs, such as student assistant positions during your studies, but full-time positions. The two years of professional experience may consist of multiple employments.

To verify that you fulfill this requirement, please provide the following documents along with your other application material:

  • certificate(s) of employment that includes the exact position and period of employment;
  • a letter of reference from the employer(s), ideally guaranteeing re-employment after completion of the postgraduate course in Germany.

Furthermore, EPOS applicants are expected to have an excellent academic record and a final grade/GPA that places them in the top 30% of their cohort.
To verify that you fulfill this requirement, please provide the following document along with your other application material:

  • An academic letter of reference

See the full list of application documents under EPOS: required application documents.

In general, no more than six years should have passed between the completion of the undergraduate studies qualifying you for admission in the MSc Development Economics (or your last academic degree, e.g. in the case of a completed master’s degree) and your application to our master’s programme.

Please also refer to the DAAD website for eligibility criteria.

How to apply for DAAD EPOS Scholarship 2021-2022 MSc in Development Economics

If you wish to pursue a DAAD EPOS scholarship within the MSc Development Economics you only have to apply once for both – the study programme and funding – directly at our university.

Applications are possible from October 1 through November 15 of each year for the subsequent winter term (e.g. application in October-November 2020 and programme start in October 2021), this is the only time when the application form is accessible on our websites. You cannot apply outside of this call for applications window!

Applications will now have to be submitted completely digitally. The application is a four-step-process:

Online Application:

  •  You complete the online application form for the Master’s programme in Development Economics during the application period and send it by clicking on the send button at the end of the form. The “EPOS Online Application Form for the Master’s Programme in Development Economics” can be found under the DAAD-EPOS Scholarship – Overview. Please make very sure that you are using this specific “EPOS” application form. Unfortunately, we cannot consider applications of students who wish to apply for the EPOS scholarship but use the wrong form.
  • You will then receive an email with a link to a document upload portal. The email also contains your login data (user name and password) for the upload portal. You will also find two PDF documents in this email: The summary of your data from step 1 and additionally a checklist of the required application documents that you need to upload (Checklist Application Documents). Please note that it may take a bit of time for your account to be registered in the upload portal. Therefore, you may have to wait a bit in order for your log-in details to work. Please make sure that you do not wait until the last moment to apply, such that you do not run into time issues through this.
  • Go to the upload portal, enter your username and password from the email and follow the steps in the upload portal to upload your documents. Submit your documents within the deadline by clicking on the ‘Binding submission’ button. If not all necessary documents are available yet, you can log in again later (within the deadline) to add documents. This is only possible if you have NOT clicked on ‘Binding submission’ yet.

Interview Process:

Once the selection process is complete, shortlisted candidates will be invited to a virtual interview process (interviews will be about 15 minutes long). After this, the final selection for the scholarship and admission to the Master’s programme in Development Economics will take place. Please note that as your application will be reviewed by our university and the DAAD, any notifications on these will arrive between January and March.

Please provide all application documents, as indicated on the EPOS: Required documents site.
Please note that due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, we do allow language certificates to be handed in until February 1st, 2021. For more information on proof of language, please see the EPOS: Required Documents site.

Required Application Documents for DAAD EPOS Scholarship 2021-2022

Which documents do I have to submit?

  • Online application form: After having filled out the form, send it by clicking on the send button at the end of the form. Please note that by sending this document you certify that the statements you have made in this application are complete and true.
  • University degree certificate: Proof of degree completion and credits earned during your studies (typically degree certificate + transcript of records)
  • Transcript of records: If your university degree certificate does not list all courses, you can upload a transcript of records additionally. This shows all your passed courses (incl. credits,) and maybe your average grade. If your transcript of records is not available in German or English, an official German or English translation is required.
  • Resume/CV
  • Letter of motivation
  • Verification of English language proficiency
  • APS certification for applicants from China and Vietnam.
  • Official course descriptions
  • Certificates of Employment: Certificate(s) of employment that includes the exact position and period of employment. At least two years of total employment are required.
  • Employer’s letter of reference: A letter of reference from your employer(s), ideally guaranteeing re-employment after completion of the postgraduate course in Germany.
  • Academic letter of reference: A letter of reference from a professor or any other faculty from your undergraduate programme.
  • Signed DAAD EPOS application form (downloadable from the DAAD website).

Please also always refer to the DAAD website for details on the application documents.

Apply for the M.Sc. Development Economics with an EPOS scholarship for next winter term.

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